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The original post of this thread was made 2 years ago, when rose garden revo was new on jTO. So with the coming of the DNA updates I suggest a restart of this thread, mainly so I, or someone that really wants to, can update the first page with info of "Future Trickster Content". That way we can quickly answer the "what is?" question with "look at the first page".
That would be a wonderful idea! I don't really like the fact that there are over three hundred pages and I do agree that it is a little bit hard to keep up with things posted because there are a lot of posts about how we feel about the update and a few update posts every now and then. It would just be nice to let DNA start a new string of updates in a separate post because I know there is going to be a lot of them and separating Revolution and DNA would be like chapters in a book almost so it would be easier to read which ever "chapter" you wanted depending on the information.