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Originally Posted by Light
I disagree.
The reaper may have lost its very early game push, but it's not even close to being absolutely pointless to keep.

A lot of newbies often complain that the unit is useless thanks to the patch.

But it can and always has been a good mid and late game harassment unit.
Aside from you main army, you can utilize say 2-3 reapers to harass the enemies economy as you push toward the front of his base.

So even if you don't successfully push at the front, his economy will strongly falter and you'll have an edge in the next assault.
It's just 50/50 each and that's quite cheap to pull off a worker harass of well over 10-20 probes.
10-20 probes form a mid-game Reaper harass is bit hopeful isn't it? Besides, the newbies complaining that Reapers are useless never used then effectively anyways. Reapers for sure lost their early game niche they had but I dtill wouldn't favor them for a mid-late game harass over something like a Banshee. Yes, that's an over-generalized opinion but, the Banshee is more versatile. As far as being useless, a Reaper is still a great unit to scout and take Xel-Naga towers with. The Reaper itself isn't what bothered me, it's the depot before Barracks that concerned me. At least the Reaper is nowhere as useless as the Scout in SC1.

TBH, I'm not really sure what I meant by my original post... I think I was sleep deprived and pissed off with life at the time. ?_?