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FrozenHearted is an unknown quantity at this point

I realized on my way to school that Lunar meant to say close-range Ice Arrow doesn't look pro, and not to say it doesn't work. O.o

Anyway, thanks, Lunar, I will remove and avoid statistics (For example: "Tend to keep it leverl 1" since those have to do with the community, may change by time and are hard to be observed by an EU Lunia player, for example.

Same goes for subjective claims such as: "Looks pro".


I still need help with: AAAA, Ice Pillars and now CBD after Nuclear. Thanks. ^^

you cant compare ijji pvpers to ogs
ijji is just highgear + maxeverygoodskill pvpers
while og is.. showoff, with low gear and low lvl of skills, since most pvpers got stage builds or weirdo-fun
I know that. I don't seem to understand you point, though. ): Were you refering to the introduction part? Lunar's comment about IDH?