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FrozenHearted is an unknown quantity at this point

CBD's first hit is what that determines whether it will juggle the oppoent ot not

According to my tests that was true. I'm actually happy to see you found it inccorect on inaccurate, since this threas is here to gather information and tips which may help people around.

Please elaborate where I was wrong an help me making it better, when you have time and feel like doing that, ofc.

PvPers tend to keep it level 1.
Oh my...Has it gone that bad? >< I will edit it to: "Some PvPers choose to keep it level1 "once I'm back from school. Thanks for the info.

more lies... that just makes it look like i messed up since i like trapping myself with nuke lol
O.o It worked for me the dew times I succeded doing it (perfect timing) and even in the the 2 times I managed to do it as an away-from-the-wall, but I have to admit I did it somewhat in diagonal. I will test it with 180d and report the results.