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Default [Guide] Yuki combo tips and creative moves (Continuously updated)

Continously updated:

This thread is for people who want to enjoy Yuki to the max and understand that games are supposed to be fun. If you are the type that likes to abuse damage and kill your oppoent with 12345 / use hax damag skills with no decay / freeze bind and think PvP is all about winning, this thread is not for you.



Many people say Yuki is easy to combo with and therefore doing long combos with Yuki wouldn't be hard nor impressive.

That would be true Since Yuki offers the ability to do the same melee string to one direction, under shift with an AoE and do the same to the opposite direction; repeat.

But :
Yuki, alongisde with simple combos that can easily be done by even beginners, offers many tools for the creation of more flashy, advanced. useful and fun combos; for example:

-Freezing skills,
-Dash cancelable skills,
-Instant casting,
-Short delay between 'Dash AS' and a following ' AA'...

As the same as PvPers who chosoe to play naked, have weaker builds on purpose or restrict themselves to some manner rules in order to make the match fair and fun; it's up to the Yuki player to decide whether combing would be easy and boring or more interesting for both him the player and the oppoent. (Frankly, being comboed for long time by someone who does the same melee string to only 2 direction is boring and frustrating and leaves you with the feel of: "Oh, common, drop me already"; and I believe it's one role of you: To make your oppoent enjoy even while not being able to play).

Once I saw Finkster (A dainn) practicing a really flashy combo in which did an out-of-the-wall just to do a really interesting 180D shift about 1~1.5 secs later and return to comboing along the wall.

I asked him whether it was a showoff, since I couldn't understand what purpose an out-of-the-wall has if he immediately wastes and Ice Arrow and an Hand of Earth just to face the wall again then he said:

"Aren't all combos show-off?"
Combos are fun and interesting. Here we will discuss and share interesting / fun / flashy / airtime or shift efficient moves, therefore don't be scared to offer ideas just because they do less damage or serve the same purpose another easier move could do. For example: Shifting with Ice bomb is way harder then Yuki Windmill and does the same thing.

I will make sure to add videos and explanation of those moves when I have time to take them and do not lag.


Combo tip videos made by other people:

-Made by Princesslenne. Thank you very much.

-A video made by a Klunian: I will try to get his/her permission to use it.


Delaying your melee:

You can perform your melee strings in more then one levels of speed.
Sometimes delaying your second 'A' in an: 'AA' or especially an S: in an: 'AAS' saves combos.

In addition, The 'S' of a: 'Dash - AS' is able to hit twice. Rushing after a: 'Dash - AS' may disable the second it. This will result in being close to your oppoent. This can be useful and I do it on purpose sometimes yet on the other hand - if you lose control will lead to a failure.


'A' insetad of 'AA' (Before Dash) or 'Dash A' instead of: 'Dash AS'.
*No vid yet*

Sometimes you might want to do that in order to correct your distance from the oppoent, especially when you are about to deal with walls.


AS - Dash - A - turn - S, AKA "Yuki Windmill":

Self explanatory. You use AS to gain some height, then immediately do Dash - A attack to one direction (You don't attack with this A), turn to another one and use S (To complete Dash - AS attack) to reach it.

Not only does it allow you to shift without skill, it movse your oppoent only a bit, granting you the ability to keep comboing an oppoent, without facing a wall untill your skill are CD; or making you able to correct your distance from a wall to ensure you are not too far too close before doing an AAS wall shift, for example.

-You may delay a bit the: "Turn - S" part for better results, according to location of your oppoent compared to yours.

-You can do Undershifts with it.


AAAA Shifts: I need someone to elaborate, please.


AAS Shifts:

*I will edit this thread and elaborate some other day*.


Turn - Cold Blue Dragon

*no vid yet*.

Usually, people use Cold Blue Dragon when the oppoent is in front of them.
Players who shift with CBD tend to use it to gain more Air-Time so they can manage to dash around the oppoent and attack.

Those who fought Rigel in 6-10 know that if they are being hit by his dragon when they are close to him, they will be pushed away, while those who are hit by it while being away are being pulled inside.

Turning and then using Cold Blue Dragon take advantage of CBD's ability to pull the oppoent and makes CBD not only grant more height but also already do the shift for you. Now, you can spend less time on shifting with CBD and have even extra air.

In addition, this can be used as an out-of-a-wall or even be a way to avoid a wall or even a corner from the beginning!

Turn - CBD can be done by using Dash A on an oppoent and then turn S, or even just simply dashing. It doesn't matter.


Ice bomb when Melee doesn't reach:
Sometimes after a Dash - AS, you find yourself too close to the oppoent that a melee string won't touch it. Ice bomb can many times reach where melee doesn't and do the work for you.

The same goes for out-of-the-walls:

*no vid yet*

If you undershift an oppoent near to the wall (180d compared to the wall), the wall will prevent you from moving further and wne you turn, you will find out you are under the scarecorw and melee will just not work. Here, Ice bomb can help.


Nuclear Core when Melee Doesn't Reach.

*No vid yet*

sometimes after a Dash - AS, you find yourself too close to the oppoent that a melee string won't touch it. Nuclear's range is larger then its graphics and it will be a safety net.

When freeze time ends, you will be able to keep comboing.

You will have to catch your oppoent when he is falling (For example. Cold Blue dragon will have to be cast only after your oppoent is not frozen anymore. His first hit is what that determines whether it will juggle the oppoent ot not. If you used CBD while your oppoent was frozen, and after the freeze-time it was hit by CBD's second or third hit, he will be damaged but fall on the ground).

For that reason, even though a well-timed Dash AS would do the work, you would still like to use skills that have fast multi-hits to keep comboing.

Summon Glacier: The most common one. 4 hits, large AoE.
*No vid yet*
-You can do an undershift -> Nuclear -> Summon Glacier as an out-of-the-wall.
*No vid yet*

Ice bomb: Ranged, multi hit...Make sure you time it.
*No vid yet*

-You can do an undershift -> Nuclear -> Ice Bomb as an out-of-the-wall.
*No vid yet*

Ice Arrow:
*No vid yet*
If you are too close to the oppoent, all arrows will hit in the same time. Even though it is possible to keep combing like that, it requires perfect timing. If you dash away and have enough distance, the chances you will hit the oppoent in the correct time are much better.

-You can do an undershift -> Nuclear -> Ice Arrow as an out-of-the-wall.
*No vid yet*

Cold Incandescence: This skill is a multi-hit.
*No Vid yet*

Ice Pillars: This skill hits both grounded or aired oppoents.
*No vid yet*

Ice Giant Fist: This skill hits both grounded or aired oppoents.
*No vid yet*

Cold Blue Dragon:
*No vid yet*
CBD's first hit is what that determines whether it will juggle the oppoent ot not. If you used CBD while your oppoent was frozen, and after the freeze-time it was hit by CBD's second or third hit, he will be damaged but fall on the ground).


Ice Arrow Shift:
*No vid yet*

You can use Ice Bomb and then a dash A turn S moves to catch the oppoent and shift.
For example: (Faceing 6) Ice Bomb - 99a - 2S or: Ice Bomb - 88A - 3S, depends on a few factors:

-Your distance from the oppoent.
-Oppoent's height.
-How accurate your position (in front of yout oppoent ot a little to the side) is.

Those 3 are critic and if they are not good, you are likely to fail shifting.


Cold Incandescence:

Use a corrector: You can use Cold Incandescence and then Dash AS to correct your distance from the oppoent.
*No vid yet*

Use for shifting:
*No vid yet*
You can shift with Cold Incandescence by using it and then a Dash - A - Turn - S.
Your distance from the oppoent and your timing with canceling Cold Incandescence into a dash are critic.


Using 'Ice Dragon Heart', 'Cold Incandescence' or 'Summon Ice Queen' to cancel 'Teleport' or 'Summon Glacier':
*No vid yet*.

After using 'Summon Glacier' or 'Teleport', you will be unable to move for a moment. On the other hand, it's possible to use skills and therefore, in order to dash we can canceling then into skills that allow you to dash cancel them immediately. Since we are using skills here, we should focus on such which we do not often use or have low MP consumption.

Ice Dragon Heart: This skill is not likely to air/push your oppoent (Even though it's possible) and the PvPers who to keep it level 1 will find it great for this role. (Low MP Consumption). It's he best option if all you is to dash or melee after 'Summon Glacier' or 'Teleport', without being afraid it will hit the oppoent.

Cold Incandescence:: This skill is usually kept at level 1 (Low MP consumption). You should consider it is likely to hit your oppoent. After 'Summon Glacier' it will hit him many times (Really fast) and push him a lot, without keeping it in air for long, so make sure you keep comboing immediately. As for ;Teleport;, it is up to you whether you want to hit your oppoent or not. I usually use it after undershifting with my maxed 'Teleport' and for that reason it won't hit my oppoent anyway. (For he is behind me).

[B]Ice Queen:[B] High MP Consumption. Even though Ice Queen can be summoned in a PvP match (I know 2 100% way to summon her while comboing and then keep comboing your oppoent after the entire summon, making it impossible for your oppoent ot interrupt your cast time), people consider her cheap and will hate you for using her. Therefore, it is her for being a "skill you do not often do".


Ice Pillars:

Easy ways to make it work: I need your help here, guys.

Away from the wall: Sometimes, when I use it, It moves my oppoent. For that reason I assume that finding how it works will make us able to use it as an away-from-the-wall. I have to test it.


Even though I don't have videos designated for each move, I uploaded combos in which I used:

-Yuki Windmill.
-Ice Arrow after Nucleus.
-Ice Bomb Shift (An Improper one, though).
-Turn - Cold Blue Dragon. (Avoiding walls and changing directions, but no away-from-the-wall or corners).

'Ice Giant Fist' into 'Cold Nuclear', like Tia's 'Cyclone Blow' into: 'Shock Trap':

-Canceling Teleport with Cold Cold Incandescence.


Please support the guide by:
-Providing info and sharing moves.
-I need explenantion regarding AAAA Shifts and Ice pillars.

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