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sorry 'bout the off topic post earlier XD

right now i'm a bit lazy to create new artworks =.=

that's why i posted those artworks out of nowhere XD

uhh yeah....seems like i'm having a hard time with body anatomy sorry

i created those artworks directly at Paint tool sai....and also i'm not using tablet so if it's a little bit off i guess that's the reason why.....

sorry man about the's a little bit work if i created a traditional then scan it then import on software's then lineart...then coloring - it's too much work for me to handle XD

my enthusiasm will fade if i do that.....when it comes to drawing...i'm a person which - i've drawn the head right now, then later again.....i've drawn the eyes right now then later again ...i've drawn the arms right now later again XD and so on and so forth - in short i hate too much work XD sorry LAZZY??.....

well i'm tryin' to do my best though after all it's fun to draw XD
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