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Class: Bunny~ to_schoolgirl
Guild: Yggdra Union

Just a little contribution~
(and credits to Juu/honeyyy for modeling some equips with 3rd job bunny appearance for me)

Silver Light Staff [1st job Bunny]

Card Girl Wig [1st job Bunny]
Chronos Halberd [1st job Bunny]
Hyena Hairband [1st job Bunny]
Rosie Pastel Set [1st job Bunny]

Myshop Events:
Gothic Royal Crown [1st job Bunny]
Pero Pero Hammer [1st job Bunny]

Batty Bats Equips [1st job Bunny]
Divinity Parfait Equips [3rd job Bunny]
Gelatina's Staff [1st job Bunny]
Sweet Marshmallow Hammer [1st job Bunny]
Syringe Wand [1st job Bunny]

In-Game Equips:
Dorothy Snow Headband [1st job Bunny]
Fall Mushroom Toque [1st job Bunny]
Forever/Angel Blade [1st job Bunny]
June's Set [3rd job Bunny]
Love and Peace Set [3rd job Bunny]
Mosquito Coil Headband [1st job Bunny]
Pumpkin Monster Set [1st job Bunny]
Royal Rose Muffin [1st job Bunny]
Strawberry Choco Set [1st job Bunny]
Summer Love Shield [1st job Bunny]
IGN: MephistoWaltz - Bunny - 4123 - Jewelia World: Ruby Island.