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Originally Posted by smiley
Gacha equips:
  • Banker Hat x
  • Captain's Hat x
  • Danihen's Chapeau x
  • Diploma Hair Katusa x
  • Elencia Hood x
  • Guild Beret x
  • Legendary Lotus x
  • Marie Elle's Helmet x
  • Marital Tiara x
  • Mint's Hairpin x
  • Momo Hairband x
  • Pia's Casquette Hat x
  • Rosalyna's Crown x
  • Sassy Shades x
  • Starfish Hairclip x
  • Stella's Sprite Crown x
  • Tau's Lily x
  • Traditional Bandana x
  • Trainer's Hat x

Myshop equips:
  • Black Bison's Hat x
  • Blaster Hat x
  • Choux's Mini Beret x
  • Faunia's Pig Tails x
  • Gateau Chapeau x
  • Gelatina's Hat x
  • Heaven's Headpiece x
  • Kooh Hat x
  • Mane of Night x
  • Matsuri Hat x*
  • Nagging Helmet x
  • Nurse Cap x
  • Pirate King's Hat x
  • Princess's Tiara x
  • Queen's Crown x
  • Sailor Hat x
  • Shamrock Hairband x
  • Spinning Top Hat x
  • V-Chan's Hairpin x
  • Wedding Hat x
  • Wedding Party Earmuffs x

In-game equips:
  • Artist's Hat x
  • Beret of Love and Peace x
  • Blue Mini Wedding Veil x
  • Cap'n Marky Tricorn x
  • Cherry Blossom Bunch Accessory x
  • Cherry Blossom Hair Accessory x
  • Christmas Deco-Hat x
  • Cutesy Duck Hat x
  • Festival Hat x
  • Ginseng Hair Piece x
  • Ginseng Hat x
  • GM Chaos' Helmet x
  • Gongzi Mao x
  • Halloween Witch Hat x
  • Hodori Hatx
  • Karu Hat x
  • Lotus Leaf Hat x
  • LOVE Hairband x
  • Love's Joy x
  • Luxurious Witch's Hat x
  • Melon Hat x
  • Moon Bunny Hat x
  • Music Festival Star Headband x
  • Mosquito Coil Headband x
  • Pink Mini Wedding Veil x
  • Poppuri Mask x
  • Rascal's Hat x*
  • Rose-of-Sharon Hat x
  • Rosetta's Safe Hat x
  • Royal Rose Muffin x
  • Santa's Hat x
  • Shrimp Hairpin x
  • Strawberry Hat x
  • Strawberry Choco Hat x
  • Summer Love Hat x

Eggshop/etc equips:
  • Black Angel's Headband x
  • Black Ayam x
  • Driller Pointy Ear x
  • Yanagi Bowler x
I thought that this thread was helpful and well it needed more screenies.. :x

* means 2nd job cow and nothing means 1st job sheepie.
If requested i could possibly get it modeled on any char as well.

Batch 2. Edited in to prevent spamming. D:
Thenk you for the big effort.


The thread is very up to date now. Hope you all like it.