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Nice work, I especially like your traditional piece the most.
Sorry I hadn't said much the first time you brought up your works. Other than for some anatomical errors, your work is great so far. Keep it up and your talent might bring you somewhere someday.

I would really suggest to watch out for tracing other people's works though, and I think you know what I am talking about.
There's also a version with just her stockings of the original picture...but that is MC16, and I'm not going to post it.

Tracing as a practice exercise is perfectly fine, but try to avoid calling it your own work if you wish to share it (because that's art theft, AKA plagiarism). It can lead you into some srs bsns beans. Try using references more instead, it shows you worked hard to create something with your own ability while learning from other work at the same time.

I'd also watch out for posting mature content on a forum children visit, I believe that was what Reinshiki was trying to say.
MC16 means only ages 16+ should be viewing such content, and I do think this is a PG13 forum.

I know my post mainly just mentions what to beware, so I apologize for that. I really do think, however, if you stay on the right path your talent might eventually blossom even more beautifully than you think possible. Work hard! I hope to see more from you soon, it's always nice to see aspiring artist improve more and more everyday.
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