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Thank you so much for posting all of this information!

Gah, I'm really stuck now whether or not to wait and make a new character or just go ahead and plow through and one day return to see all that has changed.

Five Oasis waters made me cringe a bit there but I see three feathers and three salt is going to be great. I'm still confused with Fiesta and this whole sudden Revo deal but I'm sure whenever it arrives it will be a flawless ... -ish deal. Now that I think about it maybe DEP problem will worsen ... well I'm not going to think about that.

If you could make an estimated guess, when do you think this would be brought over to here? I mean I don't expect to sign in tomorrow and see it all here and I know the guess would not be definite but it sounded like when it got over there it was just really random and caught people off guard with the random DNA revolution instead of an announcement.

Well anyways thank you again and I need some sleep since I see myself rambling to myself and type everything going through my mind. o_O Goodnight and thank you again for the information!