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I wouldn't suggest mastering Cure until you have a lot of TM to spare mainly because the difference from 24% to 30% is rather pointless because even if you healed from 1HP it would still take 4 Cures and that would cost you 80MP which is pretty small but it's nice to save as many points in the beginning as you can because level 10 and Master usually doesn't make a difference except for Mist of Mana.

Plus the more skills you don't master (except for Mist of Mana) the better since if you mastered both Mana Arrow and Cure then you would have 4 less TM just off the two skills and so when it comes time to learn a new skill you could either have about 30-50 mores damage from the mastered skills or another skill which could be on it's way to level ten as well.

I hope that made sense because whether you OHKO a monster by one damage or a thousand damage it will never matter because either way you will kill it with one hit haha.

Good luck with your Dragon and welcome to ggFTW as well!