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Default hello, im new and with problems

hello im new in this forum. but im a player of Lunia. the reason i make my first post here is that i have a SUPER BIG tech issue. well is not like a tech issue, is more like a worrie that i have since today.

im unable to log onto the ijji page, not even the forums. all i get when trying to get in is this

and it all started today when i tryed to log in into the reactor and i got weird error messages, so i downloaded again the reactor, from the ijji page, and reinstalled it. everything work well, until i get out of the game to relog cause of the lagg and tryed to log in again, and then the reactor wasnt working anymore.
i tried to enter the ijji forums but all i saw was the image above.

pls if u know something i will apreciate the help. if someone is able to enter the ijji forums and report this, cause i cant, pls make me know as soon as possible. im worried about if this is true or just a bad joke

heres the reactor erro that appear after all this problem T_T

pls anyone help me out, i still cant log into the ijji forums.

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