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When HK placed the OMEGA nerf patch in Elsword, they decreased the drop rate unknown elstones in most of the dungeons; rumors say that when you play Elsword HK during the morning(when stamina gets refilled) you get an increased drop rate for it

Place eh; during summer here in asia i usually farm at 1-X(secret dg) for the unknown elstone; since we got complete 3rd job patch, i now farm at 3x-2(in demand accessory) and 3x-5(special weapon for Elsword and lvl 4 materials); unbuffed/buffed mobs do also have a chance of dropping unknown elstones instead of the usual mini-boss and boss expectations

*the nerf that i'm saying is the one that they revised most the job quest changes in Elsword HK includes drop rate of most of the items especially job change quest items(they recently did this last august :3)

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