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Originally Posted by maxpayne
Based from my personal build:

Combat Ranger:
Spinning Kick lvl 5
Intermediate Strength Training lvl 5
Intermediate Magic Training lvl 3
Swift Kicks lvl 5
Fighting Spirit lvl 5
Sharp Fall lvl 5 -> aoe stun when u drop :3
Violent Attack lvl 5 ->it's violent so you must get it
*you got 7 points left to add to CR skill tree so that you can proceed to WS skill tree

Wind Sneaker:
Slide Double Kick lvl 5
Nature Force lvl 5
Power Shooting lvl 3


Code Exotic:
Metal Dust Aura lvl 5-> copy of DOTA's "radiance" only near you XD
Intermediate Magic Training lvl 5
Explosion Impact lvl 5 -> improved version of Illusion Stinger only DEADLIER
Mega Electron Ball lvl 3 -> xx+MEB = fast drain of life for high HP mobs :3
Queen's Throne lvl 5 -> one of your best buddies when you emo solo very hard dungeons; heck clears the area fast
Junk Break lvl 5 -> most exotics take this ;3
*12 points left before you unlock CN skill tree

Code Nemesis:
Enhanced Nasod Weapons lvl 3
Spear Burst lvl 5

That's that :3
what about ranger/code P.S requesting sticky