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There are ways to prevent some of the problems with DEP but ... to be completely honest there still is no major fix to make DEP work that great.

I know I have went through on the Main Trickster forum and did the process where you go into the files and do some things but I can't have anything running. I think I have seven files running (which include the Task Manager) whenever I go through the list and sometimes I'll have DEP problems and sometimes I won't at all for multiple days.

I had Trickster in the background for three hours today and forgot about it while going around on Youtube and browsing sites and it didn't close, but some days I don't open anything and it will freak out haha. I don't think DEP is as major as it use to be but the problem does in fact still exist so it's up to personal preference if you want to deal with it or not. I've had overheating problems for my computer and internet cutting out and back on multiple times every ten minutes for a year or two in the past so personally if I see DEP error I go back in and pretend nothing happened and keep calm.

That's just me though, you might be one of the unlucky ones who's DEP is a major problem and constantly happens. Best of luck though!