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Thank you Gery! ^_^

LaTale - Chibi Heroes:

I'm a big fan of the LaTale online game and I like the characters and story a lot so I'm making
my own character that helps Iris on her new journey after she defeated the Demon King.

I drew them as Chibis this time, so I can simplify their clothing and to get a rough idea how to
draw them in normal form.

Here are the Character Profiles I made for them...

Character Profile -

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 19
Birthdate: August 20
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 167 lbs
Hobbies: Pranks, Drawing, Painting, Hanging out with friends, teasing people he likes

*Interesting fact about my character is that he Duel Wields, but he holds both his swords
in Reverse Grip giving him a very interesting and unique fighting style. He also holds them in
Traditional Grip and can switch back and forth in-battle.

Gender: Female
Race: Derr
Age: 17
Birthdate: March 12
Height: 4' 10"
Weight: 126 lbs
Hobbies: Traveling, Gardening, taking care of animals, helping others

Please note I made up the information regarding Iris' Birthdate, Height, Weight, and Hobbies as I guessed them (and I have no idea how to measure for a character's height & weight). Her age and race are real as they're stated in the online game itself.

Original Character "Chris Corona" (c) VirusChris
Iris Livier (c) Actoz Soft
"Invoke... VIRUS SOUL!!!" ~ From my VirusChris manga project

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