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Default Legend of Edda forum plox?

Legend of Edda: Cute and hardcore, it’s the best Free to Play MMORPG! Its cute and hardcore!

this game is a f2p with cash shop game with very adorable graphics. not only it supports pk aka duel system.. it also has a interesting instance dungeon with different difficulty.

there is also a realm vs realm mode which is basically a nation war or lets say war of emperium in Ragnarok online.

its a little like nostale and luna online in term of combat gameplay. most people say its like mabinogi or final fantasy tactics..

this is definately my best game i ever tried and it would be wonderful if this game would be supported :3

here is one hypit instance dungeon gameplay.
YouTube - Legend of Edda - Hypit dungeon

two rounds of pvp with my friend, totally different music :S
YouTube - Legend of Edda - PvP

and last but not least! my hunting boars in gaiyan plains
YouTube - Legend of Edda - Archer Gameplay