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Originally Posted by Fish
How do I do 2nd job? All the guides I read are vague as hell, they aren't specific... Like, seriously, can't they just speak in english, but use the chinese/korean names for the map, to lessen confusion?

Also, is there any way to increase the chinese characters in HKElsword? I mean, I can read chinese perfectly fine, just not when the characters are a single white blob of blurriness, I can't even make out the strokes.
JC guide - ElWiki at lvl 15 you'll get a notice go talk to one of the NPCS in town 2 (forgot which one exactly) take the blue quest as that is a job change quest. The first quest chain is just a pre-quest (4 quest long) once thats done talk to a NPC (again cant remember which one) chose upper or lower both are different class change choices (the options are in the link) finish the real class change quest and you should class change once the filth quest in the quest chain is finished.

i dont understand the second question