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It's a very good guide Particularly liked because there're a lot advices and you didn't mention that we MUST go and train somewhere on mobs. It's very annoying and boring in my opinion.

I've seen that this is the only one guide for gunner type foxes on this forum. I've done my fox, she is at lv56 now but I have some questions about her 3rd job advancement. I'm pure AC and I'm using guns for killing and her built is 2242 (because I wanted to get more MP). So the questions are: is the 3rd job adv hard for those who are using guns? I mean we don't have any attack skills for it. I heard that some people used Unique equips to do the 3rd. Do I have to get a unique set? :S Or it's just recommended?

Note: I won't use any MyShop only in-game EQs or event.