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Default Presto chango, amour and money

This next guide is based upon amour and money (how a shocker huh....) now, this guide is for patient people only, sp speak now or forever hold your peace...

First you will need to be an amour crafter or a refiner. (if your not one, make an alt character that does)

Now make a friend, or have one that is your oppisite craft.

Set off with your buddy and collect materials for your refiner. That person will then supply you with bobbins.(Remember amour crafter help them collect). Then they will raise their crafting by doing this.

Now the amour crafter start crafting. First make amour for your buddy. This would be called equalivant exchanged or in simple terms, you give; i give. After both of you have amour, let the amour crafter create more amour. Now split what you have made with your partner. now sell.

Repeat all the steps.

(remember trust is key to create money this way. and is also a very good way by not switching between accs all the time)