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Red face The basic guide for every class

Every classin latale are typically the same. You have both your attacks and misc. now lets get down to business.

lets start off with your attack skills.

1. Focus on 1 attack tree only

Some people willy cry about this, complaining, "the more skills the better."
*Beeeeeep wrong. This, i would say, is the downhill to many deaths. A person with just a sword is nothing without there shield to help.

2. Masteries

Next master every mastery on that specific weapon you have choosen to wield. This is always a must, since you want your weapon's attack to also go up.

3. Misc

Next is your misc. Every misc usually contains at least 2 trees. (sometimes more depending on your class.) now always upgrade your first misc skill ( this you'll always have to do). Then where to choose from there, depends on your fighting style. Some love pure power, others love evasion. Once you have chosen 1 of the trees, continue down only that tree. The trees are there for a reason, to keep balance. So keep continuing down one tree and all misc skills will collide together.

Well thanks for reading this basic guide. hopefully this helps anyone that reads.
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