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LocalBeast is on a distinguished road
IGN: KingXerxes/KushtonSlater
Class: Treasure Hunter lt_treasurehunter
Level: 10X
Guild: Inflation

Read the Guild Rules: Yes
Character IGN: KingXerxes
Character Job/Class: Treasure Hunter
Character Level: 80
Activeness: Everyday as much as i can
Main Character: Yes

Real Name: Andrew Sanders
Age: 17
Nationality/Ethnic: Black
Location: Grand Prarie TX.
Time Zone: Central US.
What you do for a living: High School
Type of music you enjoy: HipHop, Rap, Rnb
Microphone: ?
Ex guild and the reason you left: Seraph- Just some people I didnt like nd sometimes i didnt feel welcome
Reason You Want To Join Royalty: You seem like a good guild and everyone in it tells me its the best...
InflationGang or DIE