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Originally Posted by BeautyDisaster
Okay, i did exactly what you did and it worked. For a day.. the next day i log on and i get a gameguard error so i exited and re did those steps. Then i'm at the login screen and i click Jewlia and Ruby island, and then it Says Server and version are not matching. So i go to the updater, check files, and let it update. It just updates gameguard back to normal.. so i do the steps AGAIN and i get on... and it says Disconnected due to Abnormal Connection OR it says Server and version are not matching again. What do i do?
The problem you've encountered is same as mine. Try this out if it helped you solving the problem. First, once every new patch updated completely. You have to delete GameGuard.des which is inside Trickster Online folder,then copy GameGuard.des from GameGuard folder and paste it to Trickster Online folder. After that there's a new Trickster.bin (remember to rename it as Trickster.exe). After renamed it you can play the game without any problem. Hope you can get what I mean. But then again, Server and version are not matching is because there was last patch