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Well, I really don't know haha. I know my EE pops up with a message and I know I have about 40 seconds before mine closes. I'll admit I didn't know that. :<

I know it's Tricksters fault but I feel everyone is aiming towards Ntreev but Ntreev really can not do anything without some word from the original people over Trickster itself.

As more people switch to Windows 7, they should eventually get the hint that there is a problem that needs some consideration. :<

In a way, I guess you could say I'm defending them. I'm just thankful to be playing a game that Ntreev has been hosting to us [even though I could think of a few better companies but better than nothing at all]. So, I guess if Ntreev reads this one person's opinion in the matter of hundreds of thousands of other players I surely hope they don't think I'm cheering them on but I'm not out to sandbag Ntreev and mutiny.

If they never updated I would probably say "that's alright I guess, maybe I was never destined to play this game" and then go out and do something with my life for once.

Yup. That's just me though.