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Hello, long time no see...
Update is on...

The beginning of final arc...
Next Chapter will be the climax, still working on it...

Next, i would like to say sorry for all the readers, who may felt betrayed by my sudden leaving. Sorry, and nice to know that I still have a several PMs waiting at my account on this forum.

Once again, thank you very much, I hope one day we can play together again, after all my works is stabilized and the workload has subdued, I think we may meet again in the game.

Thanks for every reader and every person that gave me their idea of characters for me to use.
This chapter was only the prequel, so, it will still lacking the suspense (Although, its hard making a suspense for mecha battle with just only a words without picture) and as you all may know, my grammar probably haven't improved much since last time.

I Hope this chapter doesn't disappoint you all.