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Originally Posted by Nanayat
Personally, the only champion that I think is "OP" is Taric, he just does way to many things well, everyone else there I can handle, Ezreal's super squishy, Olaf's a carry, and I prefer Tryn over him, a ton of people don't make QSS, which shuts down CC, which takes out Morgana/Amumu there, Kog's more of an anti-tank, which is just good in this meta-game, and Vlad there, the nerf on his Transfusion range is enough for me, and because all the forums are QQing about it, Garen, I don't see it, he's pretty much exactly the same as he always has been besides that he can use other skills while spinning, despite that, he's still a buggy champion, he may be good, but I don't see the reason to nerf him.

tl;dr:My opinion, Taric's OP, everyone else is fine
i have to say Teric and Olaf just because olaf's ulti needs to be nerfed so it just like reduces all CC by 50% not jsut null it so you can run threw veigars stun and give him some suprise sex