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Originally Posted by CujoEX
Please relax Mevin. Not only were you constantly messaging me in game when the guild info specifically says to NOT message me for a guild add, but you didn't read the first post. I had to repeat the process of what you had to do since you didn't bother reading it the first few times. When you finally got to reading the first post, you completely missed all the information and had me to repeat what it said again. And to top it off, you didn't even meet the requirements in the first place. Mevin, if we're going to work together as a team in the guild, you need to learn how to follow directions. Sorry, but I have to say 'No' to your request. Please follow directions next time.
If you don't mind, please explain what the horse with the cake on it's back means, ._. I've stared at it for quite a while now, wondering to myself, 'lolwat'.

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