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Originally Posted by Seru
^ I think it depends on the standards set on people by their parents, or themselves. I'm pretty sure I was on the brink of tears when I made my first B...but I set really high standards for myself lol. Anything below a 95 in high school for me was a disappointment, but I gave a little wiggle room (92 and up ;D) when I began taking AP and DC courses.

Hmm that's a lot of licks to get to the center of a milkshake, unless you take really long licks. Explain your procedure so I can write my data analysis :x
I took about 10 minutes licking the glass itself, then I thought it was stupid so I tried licking inside. My tongue was too short so I kept squirming inside.

Well, about my grade, it's not me or my parents having high expectations, it's the school.

You see, on normal schools, 75 is the passing grade. However, at my school it's 85. So if you convert that to american grading systems, if I get a C, I fail, so I have to get a B or B+ to pass.