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I've decided to add a few more fuses to the list because I understand that it's tough to find people wearing these.

I will be using my bunny to model the fuses, but feel free to request if you guys want screen shots of them on other characters. (I have a Fox, Cat, Dragon, Sheep, Gambler and Bunny available) It will be easier for me if you guys PM-ed me requests as I don't check back on threads often.

You may also request to see the hat fuses with/without the character ears. As for now, I'll post these for a start. (Might add more later, I'm pretty tired at the moment)

Cherry Blossom Hair Accessory
Magical Kitten Shield

Festival Hat

Nagging Helmet

Bastet Hat
Aquatic Kris
Rainbow Shield

Rudolph Band

Master Hat

Pia's Casquette Hat
I forgot the name of the Ice rose she's holding

Black Nagging Helmet

Heaven's Headpiece

Aria Hairclip

Sky Blue Ribbon
Torangi's Shield
Kuusi's Parasol

Easter's Warrior Cowl

Wedding Hairpin

Guild Beret

Momo Hairband
BunBun Shield

Hyena Hairband

Angelic Hat
Forgot the name of the umbrella; it's a recent fuse though

Reyes Circlet

P/S: For some weird reason, the images don't seem to show up on my screen.
Here's the link to the album if anyone can't view them either:
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