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Default Resurrection!

I'm not sure if anyone knows about this yet (sorry if this is old news, i havent found anything written about it so far) but just incase anyone doesn't know about it, i made a little discovery about resurrection in eu today

I dunno if we're still living in a Lunia where eir's resu is useless beyond level 1? ive personally always liked to max it because of the nice hp/mp boost it gives to the player you res and have always been told "blabla, thats useless!"

well today i noticed some weird stuff about my level 6 resu and then saw that it had a different description than my level 5. i did a bit of experimenting and i found out that with my level 6 resu, i can actually res two people at the same time instead of just one:

level 5 Resurrection: 90% hp/mp for one player.
level 6 Resurrection: 100% hp/mp for one player, 50% hp/mp for the other player.

it works exactly the same as a normal resurrection does, i didnt use gravestones and both characters still had to be close.

in order to get the 100% hp/mp, you have to res TWO players. ressing one player with level 6 res will just give them 50% hp/mp (which kinda sucks, compared to level 5's 90%)

i haven't experiemented with level 7 resu yet, but i doubt it will res a third player. it will probably just make the 50% boost higher.

maybe you guys will hardly ever use resu anymore, i dunno how the updates and stages are now, but i know this will probably help me in coc. hope it can help someone else too.
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