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There's some kind of ED bug from what I've read. I'm not sure but they said it might be caused by cheaters and not a bug. For now refrain from buying and selling stuff.

From HK elsword FB page:
大家近日討論的"ED BUG"我們已經將資料給開發商查證,而這個初步估計不是bug而是不法程式,由於開發商現已正視問題,大 家應小心交易以保障自身利益,也不應該與外掛商人合作。如玩家有更多資料提供,請隨時send信到客服,我 們會搜集更多更有力的證據去加快行動!謝謝

Google translate:
We recently discussed the "ED BUG" We have to verify the information to developers, and this is not a bug but a preliminary estimate of illicit program, the developer has to address the issue, we should be careful to protect their own interests transaction, nor should plug business cooperation. If players have more information, please feel free to send a letter to customer service, we collect more and better evidence to speed up the action! Thank you

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