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It's probably hard to pick out some people that are actually "neutral" by not being involved with either parties, but there are some. I will use Terror's case as an example.

Friends of Terror/GoW: Myself, Loa, LittleLegend, etc.

Friends of Valese/{7N}: Vixen, anyone in {7N}, even Shanni? (moderator)

Possibly neutral people: Mazuiko, MaidLatte, Minty...?

You can add onto that all the people who supposedly "dislike" either God Of War or {7N}... some think it's a forum PvP of sorts. Nobody really knows what kind of intentions each person harbors but a scammer thread needs to be run impartially. :x

tl;dr Anyone could be appointed to "maintain" and update a scammer thread, but the person who judges the proof and decides whether to add a name to the list, should always be someone neutral. If necessary, multiple people can be appointed for this task. I hope the idea works out and we'll still have a decent, working scammer thread.