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I have to agree with Dani, Light and Shnao. The new feature does not sound interesting for me, and being able to customize our profile is something I really enjoy, like Light said, it's unique, everyone designs their profile as they please and feel at home as they check their profile, some people who sign(ed) up here don't even play PC games (anymore, like me) and just lurk around on profiles to talk with each other, getting rid of this will not motivate those people. Yes, I'm very aware that this is a gaming site but please, don't get rid of such cool features lots of people enjoy playing around with just to add some online/offline status for games. Or at least give us a list of what we really get instead in replacement of our profile customization, maybe an option as they sign up or maybe in the Control Panel: "Do you want to disable your profile customization in trade of ----- and ----- features?" But I'm assuming this is not possible.

But I see most of the people voted for "yes" so I can kiss my profile design bye-bye.

And like I said before, this is just my opinion, and with this post I don't mean "OMG THEY MUST STAY AT ANY COST!!" No, I'm just donating my thoughts about this. If you still decide to remove them, cool, we'll get used to it and I'll hope that we will get cool features instead.

Good luck with the updates.