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Wait wait... what? THIS is the new ggFTW that I was excited about and was supposed to be "not as bright?" It's even brighter! -_-

Is it SUPPOSED to look like this? (Yes I did clear my cache)

First off, why the more white? I thought you said it was going to be darker and easier on the eyes and not as noticeable. This is even worse! I was expecting more black/gray/orange, like you said earlier, making it look more Halloween themed, with the backgrounds looking like the ''ftw logo on Facebook, not just slapping that on the top and making everything even more bright.

Secondly, what's with the empty white space to the right and left!? Those are were ads are supposed to be. I'm a donor AND I use Ad-Block, so why do I still have to suffer with the crappy margin handicaps and just look at big white empty blank spaces that are killing my eyes and making the rest of what I'm trying to view smaller? It's like you squished all what matters (ggFTW, posts, profiles, everything) inbetween two big worthless eye-killing white spaces. And THIS looks BETTER to people!? I mean look at my profile. It's all squished together by two empty ad spaces everything is way smaller, like if you turn an iPhone sideways to get a better view of your web page but instead of resizing to fit the screen and "zoom in" a little, it just stays like the normal tilt but flips it and leaves big white gaps in both sides of the screen. It's not pretty or "sleek" or "compact," and it's FAR from "good looking" or "likable" or "less-noticeable" or "easier on the eyes."

Thirdly, what's with all the reduced sized font I'm seeing? It's like I have to squint to read everything that's being posted and with all the white/brightness screaming at me, it's giving me a huge headache already! Browsing through posts/threads is painful and chore-like, way worse than MMOG or ggFTW layouts! Ungh...

Fourthly, the bottom needs A LOT of work. What's with the light gray font on white background!? Are you trying to give us headaches!? That's so hard to read and soooooo ugly and un-appealing. If you care so much about looks, like AVGN would say, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!? And what's with all that white space above the mission?!

Make use of it and make me scroll down less! It's also killing my eyes even more!

I think what ticks me off the most is that I was actually looking forward to this because what I thought it would be (not as bright, easier on the eyes, more sleek) turned out to be brighter, harder on the eyes, giving me headaches, making things "smaller," uglier, and much less professional. It feels like I'm looking at a web page in old-school internet explorer that didn't fully load all the images because there was a million broken "white box with red x" in them instead.

And yeah about Facebook, this isn't Facebook. This is ggFTW.

Another complaint. On the left side with all the "MMO Games," I'm never, EVER going to use that and it replaced all the shortcuts like La Tale forums, Off Topic Forums, and Forum Home, which I used ALL the time. That really ticks me off, too.

So, to counter Vith's statement, yeah you really should still listen to people who don't like some of the things you do. Our opinion matters, too, and I'm pretty sure everything I hate about this new layout are valid reasons that I honestly can't believe so many others actually LIKE. I'm starting to believe they just like it because it's new. -_- I'm not against change, I like change, but all developers should live by this law: "Never be satisfied with what it is, but don't fix what's not broken." You tried fixing what's not broken and now it's way worse. THAT kind of change is the change I hate.


POP OUT IMAGES!? Oh freak no. Can there PLEASE be an option to have them work like the old way!? Where you just clicked expand and they expanded into the whole post, even if it meant stretching the post out!?


As for the home page, "screams perfection?" Are you kidding me? It still suffers from those two huge blank white spaces and squishing what matters inbetween! You squished all the "activity" stuff in between all the other crap and now it's even harder to read through! Ungh it's SO ugly.

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