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Default This is sad.

Good job on those SS's but once again, where is the proof of {Terror} saying he is Muffinsx3 (Yes with the x3) and no not muffins. That ain't valid proof.

First SS, yes I am x3Muffinz and ''I'' said {Terror} would make Muffinsx3 but sweetie, take a look at the date 15 AUGUST. People change their mind from time to time, yeh it happens.

Second SS has nothing to do with this, gg.

Third SS Oh ''When you gave me the shield'' What shield? I thought you lend him your sword too? And how come there's no date on that SS Hmm, Something smells fishy. Again kudo's on the editing. (Still no valid proof, SS of the gear)

Fourth SS? As far as I know it was Muffinsx3? and not muffins. But that is besides the point. I do hope you can read? It says he was Plvling with my bunny waiting for me to hit 50, in English that means he was power leveling my Rac, x3Muffinz to 50. (Again no date, or you lending your gear to him or anyone for that matter)

Fifth and sixth SS? Wow. A bunny with a golden lion set o_o Like, Oh my god. We totally scammed your set, if that's even your bunny, Lulz. Also where are the stats? (Or you trading them to {Terror} with the exact same stats) '-'

Seventh and eight SS? We already discussed this, as you can see it was not only related to you being scammed but down talking you in general. Why? Because we don't like you and you were annoying us. We just wanted too have some fun with you

None of these Screenshots have proved any of what you said above, Good day to you.

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