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Originally Posted by Vixen
Sorry Ameh, we thought editing out the MSN e-mail would create less of a drama, but then we noticed that we forgot to do it on the other conversations. Valese can re-post with the e-mail fully there, if you think it needs to be seen.

@LL - We had no business in Shanni! editing out the e-mails. Like I said, we forgot to fully remove them, we thought removing them would send less hate-mail towards you lot. If you want the convo's with the e-mails still there, then so be it.
Yeah, I'm just saying what might be helpful for the purpose of the SS thread.. I don't mean to leave his email there. Nobody should have their email posted anywhere without their consent. I just meant we already know what name Jeff and Terr use on MSN (not their emails) so if those appear, they can be left as they are. There's no need to censor them anymore.

@Valese: And that was the point of my reply. Shanni edited out the emails, but not the names. It makes your logs look less confusing. I'll say that here if I want as long as it's not spam. There's no need to be rude about it.