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Jeffyx3 is your worst nightmare!Jeffyx3 is your worst nightmare!
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One way ticket to prison? Yeh I don't think so. Lying to someone who started lying is a crime? Sure sure, especially on msn. Oh wow, I must be up there with kidnappers and bank robbers. Any who, what you just mentioned about other threads is irrelevant. So we lied to her on msn making it a joke now? Why would I want to say anything else to her when she's clearly upset about being ''scammed'' It was just to easy. And um, are you retarded? Screenshots can be edited in any way, duh. How hard is it to understand that even tho we said those things, saying it to piss someone off isn't admitting to something? Geezus. Also you'd be amazed to see what people are willing to do just to prove a point. So staying up a few hours to create ''proof'' yeh that sure lets us know she's telling the truth, and has ACTUAL proof. Like many people have said before, Lack of proof, where is the Screenshot of you trading the gear? Or the screenshot of {Terror} saying he is Muffinsx3. You two are just making a fool out of your selfs, making it sad. And you Moonie should just stay out of this as you know of nothing.

I've said it once and will again, I'll be waiting for this so called ''proof'' Have fun editing