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Default Funny starting to be annoying.

Reason I have a lot to say is because, I don't like you, and I don't like it when my friends or family are being falsely accused. Thus, I replied to this pathetic attempt of yours. You being in good ''Terms'' with GoW? I don't think so missy. Youp's been KoSing you since forever, As Ameh said. And to be honest non of us never really liked you. Maybe Sammie or Drakii but thats a whole different story. I admit we said those things to you on msn, but do know we only said those things to piss you off as you were annoying us. So there's your proof. And Youp being the only GoW member? Wrong. We might be in a different guild now but we're still GoW, don't forget. It's 2 against whatever now, please just drop this pathetic attempt of yours calling {Terror} a scammer. We all know who the scammer is yet to you ignore what lies in front of you. Can't make it any clearer for you.

''Cause after all, as much as I hate them, you love them.'' Really now? Thanks, this makes it so much easier proving you only do this out of hate, as you know Muffinsx3 is not I repeat NOT {Terror}

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