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Default How to Top-up Mpoint Cash & Gift Packs

Hi guys,

It's me, Deathomen aka GN小戰士. Since there are quite a few of you out there that might not be too familiar with topping up your cards, let me just do up a simple guide to guide u guys through.

Firstly, most of you probably bought your stuff from CN-USA.

Once you have successfully purchased your items from CN-USA, look for this link(s):

Red Box : Click here if you bought 200M/ 500M/ 1000M Point Cards

Blue Box : Click here if you bought Coin Packs/ EXP Packs/ QQpacks

Hope this helps those of you who are new to topping-up!~

+rep if it's helpful 3Q~
If you need my help topping-up M Points, please click me.

Click here for a guide about topping-up your M Points/Gift Packs.