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hi all
i have a problem starting the client, everytime i press the launch button from the game updater my screen turns black and i get this error:

Exception Type : Access violation

< system >

< call stack >
atol() + [0x0021]
0x15ff0035 Address Lookup Error (SymFromAddr returned error : 126)
CThreadTaskManager:perator=() + [0xc97c]
0x3a589ca1 Address Lookup Error (SymFromAddr returned error : 126)
RtlTryEnterCriticalSection() + [0x0000]
RtlLeaveCriticalSection() + [0x0000]
RaiseException() + [0x0000]
CreateDirectoryW() + [0x0000]
RtlGetLastWin32Error() + [0x0000]
SetErrorMode() + [0x0000]
GetCurrentThread() + [0x0000]
GetCurrentProcess() + [0x0000]
SetUnhandledExceptionFilter() + [0x0000]
CloseHandle() + [0x0000]
GetFileSize() + [0x0000]
CreateFileW() + [0x0000]
WideCharToMultiByte() + [0x0000]
MultiByteToWideChar() + [0x0000]
WriteFile() + [0x0000]
FreeConsole() + [0x0000]
GetStdHandle() + [0x0000]
AllocConsole() + [0x0000]
GetFileTime() + [0x0000]
QueryPerformanceCounter() + [0x0000]
GetTickCount() + [0x0000]
QueryPerformanceFrequency() + [0x0000]
WaitForSingleObject() + [0x0000]
GetExitCodeThread() + [0x0000]
WaitForMultipleObjects() + [0x0000]
SetEvent() + [0x0000]
CreateEventW() + [0x0000]
CreateSemaphoreW() + [0x0000]
CreateThread() + [0x0000]
ResetEvent() + [0x0000]
ReleaseSemaphore() + [0x0000]
LocalFree() + [0x0000]
LocalAlloc() + [0x0000]
ExitProcess() + [0x0000]
GetCurrentThreadId() + [0x0000]
GetCurrentProcessId() + [0x0000]
GetSystemTimeAsFileTime() + [0x0000]
GetVersionExA() + [0x0000]

< register >
eax: 0x01101e90 ebx: 0x011093e8
ecx: 0x00000057 edx: 0x0035a0ac
esi: 0x00000000 edi: 0x01102740
ebp: 0x7c8017e9 esp: 0x0034c0a8

what i did to try solving the issue: reistalling the client, download an older version, update drivers, set compatibility (maybe this one is stupid)

still nothing could help me playing the game! of course i run the client as administrator and i'm sure the problem is not a firewall (which i turned off entirely) or antivirus

i'm from europe and i have a fast connection.
i got an Intel core duo, 2GB ram and a 512mb graphic card
OS is windows xp 32 bit SP3