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Originally Posted by John
ok so my mom just bought a car
and she wantes me to learn to drive
is there any good videos or something to learn ?
some friends of mine cant teach me but probably tomorrow
meanwhile i need to learn the basics of driving
Videos are no good. you're better off asking someone who knows how to drive and gain actual experience on the road.

Firstly, relax when you drive. Get used to the mirrors to help guide you on how much width you have on the car. If you're driving stick, you need to learn when to shift gears, if you have automatic its pretty much just Gas and Brake pedal plus a simple "Drive, N, Reverse" shift.

The other basic, is getting into the car:
1. Fasten Safety belt.
2. Position yourself (adjust seat or whatever)
3. Check all mirrors and adjust
4. Look around and then put key into the ignition.
5. Lights (if needed [but recommend])
6. Start reversing or pulling out SLOWLY.

The fact is, I recommend about 5~14 days on the road of actual experience. I think the highway may scare you the most, but be sure you ask questions and /or listen to your instructor. Then take the test. If you are finding yourself gripping the wheel hard at all or during any time, you still need more time on the road until you find yourself relaxing.

Tips to remember:

1. Better to be late than never
2. Always keep your eyes moving.
3. If you need music, go ahead but nothing louder than sirens/alarms.
4. Never drive too fast, you eat up gas and are likely to only save a second at most.
5. Let people pass you if they are in a hurry, don't try to race.
6. Prep for free-way exits and such about half a mile prior unless you're going at speeds above 55, then do it a mile beforehand.
7. Do double checks when looking at mirrors, look at the side mirror and check with your own eyes to ensure there's no one in the blind spot.
8. Never try to beat a yellow light.
9. Don't race, ANYTHING.

I'm sure I could remember more, but most are natural to me. I drive like a fricking "old *****" by some people's minds. I just prefer to be safe and arrive on time without blowing too much on gas. Speeding and constant breaking eats up gas, as well as constant ignition start ups.

I've been driving for nearly 10 years without accidents, and insurance still hates me.

Oh yes, courses can be nice, but I say its better if you just grab the DMV pamphlet and read that for your state's laws.