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*interrupts liquid in the middle of his story..*

...and Pharoe continued to play, realizing her emotions deeper and deeper as she continues to strum at her harp... Unknown to her was Keichi's intentions.....He empathized Pharoe's
emotions the moment she sat by the window, and planned something that would definitely make Pharoe dumbstruck and absolutely furious. Even so, Kei continued with his plan, hiding under Pharoe's bed beforehand and waiting for the moment Manuel would come in. After all, he was bound to after hearing that siren's song. Even Kei was forced to spazz wildly under the bed, just managing to keep Pharoe's attention at bay.
Then, to Kei's relief, Manuel came in and started with his cliche speech of love and more love. Without hesitation and fueled by pure randomness, Keichi pulled Manuel's legs and quickly covered him with a blanket. Pharoe just sat there too stunned by the scene, as Keichi summoned IchiChan under the blanket with Manuel. Manuel lifted the blanket to find IchiChan's head by his chest, looking straight at him with her mouth wide open. She then croaked like the lady in "The Grudge" and pulled him under the bed, where he would disappear to the abyss. Kei stood up, waved at Pharoe and walked out like nothing happened.. THE TRUE END 8D