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Glitched games -

Magatack - Get a kill while holding space down and you keep getting points until you release it.

Blackjack - Bet 200 1$ chips, then remove the ones on the bottom of the pile and put more 1$ chips on top. Then remove the ones on the bottom again and put a 100$ chip and some 25$ chips on top and deal. Double up and when the round ends you'll still have chips in the bet area which you can remove to make your bet go negative. Then click flat bet and it doubles the negative so you can win 300-400/600-800$ per loss.

Crab Volleyball - The opponent crab gets stuck in the corner with the ball sometimes which makes it impossible to continue the match or save the score. Also, the opponent crab can get stuck in the corner without the ball which I found out today. After scoring a certain number of points the opponent crab will be unable to catch the ball most times because it's moving so fast that it's literally leaving afterimages of itself, and also cause itself to end up on the opposite side of the wall/vanish from it's own side completely.

What-a-shot - Start out as Gen X Jeremy and when time runs out, if you're holding down space, it switches to Alvin with a new timer and adds on to your first attempts score. Doesn't work the opposite way so I'm guessing this is unintended.

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