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Originally Posted by KittySlave
Two days ago.. Was the the moment you received the Lunia Z Patch? I've heard many people getting problems after updating it. but, Thats just 1 problem. If you still cannot connect to the reactor, Try connecting to the ijji servers itself.

(A -81 Error: It means theres something wrong with your computer/Reactor and cannot connect with your router, either your net is cut off or some sort of program is blocking it to enable access. If all above fails, Then Reactor might be doing some sort of update, Which in this case, Takes a week. *From my experience*)
ty for ur imput, it made me come up wit multiple conclusions with my problem ^^. Right now im freeloading using my friends internet to play lunia. so my only conclusions now i hav so far is my internet provider/ router/ my security (more at aiming my blame to internet provider)

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