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Originally Posted by Valtiel
Well, the thing is I never get any ounce of respect in real life either. It may be a game -- but I still put a lot of effort, energy and time into it. I also communicate with a lot of people, which just makes it even more depressing when I come to them with concerns I have or just want to chat.

It's like I don't exist to them when I'm the one complaining, or need help with something.
Putting effort and time into things and then "expect" respect isn't likely to gain any. Some people are just spiteful over things like that. Looking for respect on the games or internet isn't a way to gain any. You're better off at putting work into things that are productive in life than internet stuff. In real life, simply holding a job and moving up will gain you respect, but it may not be your fellow co-workers or peers.