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Ohai, please note what I'm writing here is my own personal opinion of French Bread, not what anyone else told me to write.

Originally Posted by Dasten
Oh! so it was all about the GP, how utterly foolish of me! i do sincerely apologise. I was under the absurd notion that French Bread was a group committed to having fun, relaxed chat, helping each other out and teamwork.
I certainly did feel it to be a fun guild, do you?
French Bread is what you said about having fun, relaxed chat, helping each other out and team work. Of course GP doesn't matter at all since Actorz programmers are all idiots. Point being, your passive aggressiveness makes me lol (considering how I love being passive aggressive).
Just because it's about having fun and shiz doesn't mean GP doesn't matter. GP shows your contribution to the guild on top of helping other peeps around. If you don't usually play at the times when the guild leaders are around, how else would they know you're contributing to the guild? Through guild points. It's absurd for anyone to play at some designated time when the guild vices/leaders are around, so guild points are one of the ways they can tell that yes, this member is contributing to the guild and not just loafing around and shiz.

I had spoken with numerous members about my absence and the reasons for it, and indeed, had logged on a few times even when still in the guild. Your person missing from being online when said events occurred does not mean i was not there, but i digress.
Forgive me if I am wrong here but I'm getting the impression that you've only spoken to other people around about your absence but not the leaders/vices. A simple guild mail would inform everyone in the guild you're going to be absent and even if you didn't know about that feature, I don't see why you chose to only talk to other members around instead of the leaders? It's not like regular peeps have the ability to kick. Yes, they can inform Pie that you're absent, but you're relying on the fact that they should inform Pie of your absence for you, something you could have just informed Pie himself without a third person.

My final point is that i have seen inactive members (NOT duplicates) still remain after god knows how long without being unceremoniously thrown away and so was confused to why it happened to me, who until just recently through no fault of my own, was forced into a state of non-playing (once again, you dont have to be a mind reader "anyone seen Yoshiyu?" would have sufficed!)
I cannot answer you the inactive members still remaining part because I'm not the one that kicked you. However, no, it's not your fault that you were forced into the state of non-playing, but you did say above you've logged on a few times when you were still in the guild during the times that you're absent. Your 'anyone seen Yoshiyu' again relies on other people to inform Pie of your absence when you yourself could have contacted him privately (or publicly through guild mail).

I actually cant be bothered any more with rejoining, clearly Random has a different vision of what FB is all about and i just wanted to show any potential recruits of the issues they may face, i feel i owe that much.
I had fun, i really did, and i'll miss the brief time spent chatting with all the cool people in FB, but when all's said and done, it's just a game,hopefully see y'all around in-game
You know things would have ended differently had you just have talked to Pie in private and explain the situation and I'm sure he would have let you back in French Bread. He is not an unreasonable person to talk to.

I don't think anyone was out there to get you, really. Unless you did some retarded crap that started lots of drama, people would welcome you back with open arms. We all have our own lives so I don't think anyone would blame you for being absent. However, I think it's also fair to expect being kicked from the guild after prolonged absence to make room for new recruits.

You asked for why you were kicked and Pie gave you an answer. However, instead of talking calmly and explain about your situation, you were passive aggressively attacking Pie, who I thought gave you a fair explanation. From your post, I get the feeling you would love to come back but because you thought you were unfairly kicked, you hold a grudge and want turn off potential new recruits in spite. At least, that's how I view it

Take a easy man, it's just a game like you said.

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