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Originally Posted by BoredomKillz
you were kicked when i we were adding halure and her friends to the guild which was more than 2 weeks ago. i had kicked you cause i had not heard from you for about another 2 weeks. i am not psychic if you dont tell me where you are then all you are is inactive to me and i treat all the inactives the same. the lower the GP they have the more likely they will get the boot
Oh! so it was all about the GP, how utterly foolish of me! i do sincerely apologise. I was under the absurd notion that French Bread was a group committed to having fun, relaxed chat, helping each other out and teamwork.
I certainly did feel it to be a fun guild, do you?
I had spoken with numerous members about my absence and the reasons for it, and indeed, had logged on a few times even when still in the guild. Your person missing from being online when said events occurred does not mean i was not there, but i digress.
My final point is that i have seen inactive members (NOT duplicates) still remain after god knows how long without being unceremoniously thrown away and so was confused to why it happened to me, who until just recently through no fault of my own, was forced into a state of non-playing (once again, you dont have to be a mind reader "anyone seen Yoshiyu?" would have sufficed!)

I actually cant be bothered any more with rejoining, clearly Random has a different vision of what FB is all about and i just wanted to show any potential recruits of the issues they may face, i feel i owe that much.
I had fun, i really did, and i'll miss the brief time spent chatting with all the cool people in FB, but when all's said and done, it's just a game,hopefully see y'all around in-game