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Default Archaeologist/Explorer/Thief Master Fox!

Hello everyone!
I'm Utopia of the Pearl Island of Fantasia Server and I'm writing my first ever guide on my favorite character in E-Trickster Online...(Drumroll)... The Archaeologist/Explorer/Thief Master Fox!

This particular guide will be updated as I play through E-Trickster Online in the new Revolution that it has undertaken since I was last able to play.

The guide will be broken down as follows.

Please search for what you need with the keywords in () below, do NOT include the () please. I'm not so why should you?

WTFRI making this guide for?: (WTFRI)
Stat Builds: (StB)
Skill Builds: (SkB)
Training: (Trn)
Other Info: (OtI)

WTFRI making this guide for?

I'm making this guide because I haven't ever made a guide before and I felt like it!... No really I'm making this guide for those folks out there who want to read what I think a throwing fox should look like. I'm also making this guide because I've remade my fox like 20 times and forget when/where/how I trained at a certain level and was tired of writing on notebook paper to remember things.

Please keep comments of a purely negative nature to yourselves, including those about my spelling and grammar... I'll fix most of it eventually... truely I will!

Stat Builds
Now first of all I want you all to know that I don't think I'm brilliant for thinking up these amazing stat builds that everyone else has thought up before me and stuff... but its true! Now back to the topic at hand.

The stats are... Power Magic Sense and Charm!

Each statistic in the build graph can be broken down into 3 sub-stats.
Attack Power(AP)
Attack Speed(DX)

Magic Attack(MA)
Magic Defense(MD)
Magic Potency(MP)

Detection Ability(DA)

Health Points(HP)
Defense Power(DP)
Hit Evasion(HV)

For a Fox we are stuck with 4 of our build graph points in Sense hense our title as a Sense character! With that in mind, now we explore the other 3 distributable points in our build graph and how they will affect our performance and overall foxiness.

I will rate them out of ten on a personal bias.

Possible builds include:

1144: This build works, has worked and will continue to work for many foxes past, present, and future. (10/10)

2143: This one gives a player more Accuracy for their skills and a boost to Attack Power for those tedious lower levels. (7/10) Because it's not really useful later on unless you boss excessively.

3142: This here is focused on more accuracy, you will have 1/2 as much HP/DP from levelling but trade it for 3x as much accuracy. This isn't needed because of the relative accuracy of Shuriken Master which is our main leveling skill. (3/10)

4141: This here is EXTREME! This I do not recommend because you have very little HP and DP from your build graph, so you would need very, very, very expensive equipment. (1/10) Did I mention how expensive this would be!?!

1243: This build offers hope to foxes for their MP woes. It gives double the MP and MD you would get in the 1144 build. Good I suppose if you want more MP so you can use higher level potions at a lower level? (7/10)

1342: This is a build focused on MP and MD. Not really useful in my opinion and really shouldn't even be here but I'm listing all of the possible builds and my opinions. (3/10)

1441: This is another Extreme! build. I dont recommend it, I'm fairly sure no one recommends this for a fox... if you really must have this build... plan to get OHKO by everything, everywhere, except for magical enemies because of your high MD. (1/10)

2242: This is like a balanced way of doing things... if thats your thing I wont stop you, but plan to spam potions and whatnot...grr (3/10)

I'm pretty sure this wraps up the stat builds that are possible for the Sense character, now for the Bonus stat distribution.

For those that do not know this already, each level in Trickster Online grants a player 4 bonus statistic points to put into the 16 categories... not enough for 1 in each, but too many to put 1 in 1 category and quit the game! These bonus points are useful, very useful indeed! For our purposes and to keep me on topic, Luck(LK) and Detection Ability(DA) are the potential point placements. [Alliteration Rulez!]

Lets break them down.

Pure DA: Has the highest damage for Suriken Mastery which as I have said... is our main attack skill for the duration of this guide.

Pure LK: You wont do nearly as much damage with SM but... you will crit and block alot so I suppose that's something. If you choose to use landmine and such later on ... then this would allow for some impressive explosions. I would suggest a different guide if you choose this.

3DA 1LK: This one offers good damage and reasonable block and crit.
good choice if you dont want to stick to JUST throwing stuff.

2DA 2LK: Well... this is even... very, very even. It offers 1/2 the damage from bonus for a total of 3/4 the stat DA from stats. But also offers 1.5x as much luck as the Pure DA so if you are doing landmines... this may be for you.

1DA 3LK: I Dont know about this one... may as well be a pure LK fox and level using someone elses guide.

That about wraps it up for stats. Onto the skills!

Skill Builds

Alright folks, now we get to the important stuff, A misplaced stat here or there is one thing, but learning Gun Carrier just wastes 5 TM points for this guide, If you want Gun Carrier ... go elsewhere please

I'm not going to explain what each skill does in depth. This is listed on , and probably many other sites with trickster related content.

I will list this sort of in a list format.

TM Lvl. Skill Skill Lvl.
1 Invincible Drilling NA
2-14 Save Points
15 Shuriken Master Master
16-27 Sixth Sense Master
28-40 Save Points
41 Precise Pitch Master
42-52 Stone Strike 10
53-54 Armour Destructor 1
55-61 Lucky Seven Master
62-76 Aura of Luck Master
77+ This is where it ends.

Other skills you can invest in after getting these necessary skills are...
Basic Detection
Item Detector
Compound Mastery
Fan of Knives
Save Points for Third Job Skills?
Other skills that I dont feel like listing.


Ok I dont know much about E-Trickster Online Revolution training ... YET! but I will change that over the next week, or month, or year... whatever it takes!

Other Info

Myshop is a great feature, I highly advise you to use it if you go far in this game, the gear you can get from there is quite alot better than what you can find in game for the most part.*Cough* MyHax *Cough* Not to mention it is the source for good pets, innerware, accessories ... besides Popp and Jia Pendants.

I hope you all enjoyed what I spent an insomniac's evening typing... I plan to update this guide frequently. If you like it, add it to your favorites, if not, make one thats better than this one.

I don't want this distributed around the net willy nilly without my permission, so just send me a PM if you want it on your webby or something... I doubt it will be an issue, but still...

All of my skills info as far as TM requirements and whatnot came from, which probably came from which probably came from the Japanese Trickster Wiki, which probably came from the Korean Trickster Wiki... (and so on, and so on, and so on, rambling, rambling, rambling, yada-yada-yada-yada, wah-wah-wahwah-wah-wah-wahwahwah-wahwahwahwahwah.)

The things marked in () are just random words and sounds that mean you dont care what I'm saying in this part, and I know you dont...yea... I'm looking at you...person I dont know and cant see through the computer monitor.

Leave comments if you want... nothing negative or my head may explode from anger and depression and whatnot.