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Unhappy Starting up problem

Hi all,

So I just downloaded emil chronicle even though i heard so many bad things about runup i really wanted to try it.
Now my problem is, when i open the ecolauncher i get a window with 'notice', 'on96' and some text welcoming me to acronia, and 'update' and 'exit'. So I click 'UpDate' and it starts patching when it ends it says 'update file request' and a light grey 'succes' in the bar under that ._. also 'update' is light grey and therefore unclickable.
My question now is, ... how do I start playing? o-o
I can't see a 'play' button anywhere and when i try to open 'eco' gamegaurd starts up and patches but it then says i have to go to 'ecolauncher' ._.

Help would be appreciated since I'd really like to play this game.
Also sorry for my terrible English, I've never learnt it x_x
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