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Default Champions - Pick & Learn

Champions - Pick & Learn

(It is better to find your own build/masteries/rune but this is just to give you an outline for new characters you want to try, or if you are new to the game)

If you want to play a Champion that will be good in the long run and you dont know which Champion will and will not be, visit these Champion Tier Lists.
(Note: Ranked mode is more competitive play that you can do at Level 30. So "Elementz Tier List" is specifically for 5v5 Ranked Mode.)

L0CUST's Champion Tier List

Elementz Champion Tier List (Ranked Mode)

Once you have picked a Champion and you want to learn what the best builds would be for that Champion such as Runes, Masteries, Item Builds, Skill Order. You can visit various sites with many guides, such as:

League Craft
-Go to Database
-Click on a Champion
-Click on the Sub-Section "Guides"

Solo Mid
-Click on Guides
-Click on the Champion

Champion Learning Center
-The Legend is self explanatory

League of Legends Strategy Build Guides
-Self Explanatory
-Click on a Champion
-Change the filters (If you want)
-Press Filter to Search

From our experiences, you should not just look at one guide. Some guides are good and some are bad so it is best if you look at a few and you see what is in common (If they are talking about the same thing such as Laning or Jungling, You dont want to read 2 Guides about different things and compare them) and then use in-game what those guides have in common.

In-Game Refrences.
-Press your profile (Next to the shop button)
-Go to Champions

Here you can see all of the Champions, if you put your mouse over the icon a button on the bottom right of the icon should appear. If you click that button is takes you to various information about the Champion. More importantly, there is a Tip Section that will tell you a few tips on how to play that Champion, or playing against the Champion.

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